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Conference Papers by Mutlu Koca

Optical Spatial Modulation With Polarization Shift Keying over Atmospheric Turbulence Channels
T. Özbilgin and M. Koca, IEEE Global Conference on Signal and Information Processing (GlobalSIP) 2015, Orlando, Florida, USA, Dec. 14-16, 2015.
Cooperative Multiple Access under Energy Harvesting Constraints
N. Su, O. Kaya, S. Ulukus and M. Koca, IEEE Global Communications Conference (Globecom) 2015, San Diego, CA, USA, December 6-10, 2015.
A High Resolution and Low Jitter Linear Delay Line for IR-UWB Template Pulse Synchronization
O.Z. Batur, N. Pekçokgüler, G. Dündar and M. Koca, 22nd European Conference on Circuit Theory and Design ( ECCTD 2015), Trondheim, Norway, August 24-26, 2015.
Spatial Modulation with Dual-Polarized Antennas
G. Zafari, M. Koca, H. Sari, IEEE International Conference on Communications 2015, London, UK, June 8-12, 2015.
Joint Mobility Load Balancing and Inter-cell Interference Coordination for Self-Organizing OFDMA Networks
N. Ö. Tuncel, M. Koca, IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference 2015-Spring, Glasgow, Scotland, April 11-14, 2015.
Optical Spatial Pulse Position Amplitude Modulation over Atmospheric Turbulence Channels
T. Özbilgin, M. Koca, IEEE International Conference on Communications, Sydney, Australia, June 10-14, 2014.
Performance Evaluation of Frequency Planning and Scheduling Schemes in OFDMA Networks
Alican Gök, Mutlu Koca, IEEE Second International Black Sea Conference on Communications and Networking (BlackSeaComm 2014) Chisinau, Moldova, May 27-30, 2014.
Stochastic Transmission Policies for Energy Harvesting Nodes with Random Energy Leakage
Nugman Su, Mutlu Koca, European Wireless Conference 2014, Barcelona, Spain, May 14-16, 2014.
Bit-Interleaved Polar-Coded Modulation
H. Afşer, N. Tırpan, H. Deliç, and M. Koca, Proceedings of the IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference, Istanbul, Turkey, April 6-9, 2014, pp. 480-484.
On Dynamic Frequency Reuse for OFDMA Cellular Networks
E. Dinc, M. Koca, 2013 IEEE 14th Annual Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications (PIMRC), London, UK, September 08-11, 2013.
Generalized Spatial Modulation Over Correlated. Fading Channels: Performance Analysis and. Optimization
M. Koca, H. Sari, International Conference on Telecommunications, Casablanca, Morocco, May 6-8, 2013.
'Performance of Spatial Modulation over Correlated Fading Channels with Channel Estimation Errors
Mutlu Koca and Hikmet Sari, IEEE Wireless Communication and Networking Conference (WCNC) 2013, Shanghai, China, April 7-10, 2013.
Bit-Interleaved Coded Spatial Modulation
Mutlu Koca, Hikmet Sari, IEEE PIMRC 2012, Sydney, Australia, Sept. 9-12,2012.
Performance Analysis of Spatial Modulation Over Correlated Fading Channels
Mutlu Koca, Hikmet Sari, IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference 2012-Fall, Quebec City, Canada, Sept. 3-8, 2012.
Frequency domain channel estimation and symbol detection for impulse radio ultra-wideband systems with short cyclic prefix
S. Bahçeci and M. Koca, IEEE PIMRC 2009, Tokyo, Japan, September 2009.
MATLAB-VHDL design automation for MB-OFDM UWB
O. Z. Batur, M. Koca ve G. Dündar, IEEE International Conference on Ultra-Wideband (ICUWB) 2009, Vancouver, Canada, September 2009.
Space-time-polarization diversity in multiple input multiple output communication systems
Y. Kılıç, M. Koca ve E. Anarım, IEEE African Communication Conference (Africon) 2009, Nairobi, Kenya, September 2009.
Iterative Blind Synchronization of Multiuser Ultra-Wideband Signals
E. Ekrem, M. Koca and H. Deliç, Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Ultra-Wideband, Hannover, Germany, September 10-12, 2008, pp. 45-48.
Iterative Data-Aided Synchronization and Multiuser Detection for Ultra-Wideband Signals
E. Ekrem, M. Koca and H. Deliç, 11th International Symposium on Wireless Personal Multimedia Communications, Lapland, Finland, Sept. 8-11, 2008.
Space-Time Coded User Cooperation for Ultra-Wideband Systems
C. Ozan Yalçın and M. Koca, IEEE International Conference on Ultra Wideband, Hannover, Germany, Sept. 10-12, 2008.
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