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Slotted-Ring Local Area Networks with Multiple Priority Stations

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S. V. Sarin, H. DeliƧ and J. H. Kim, Telecommunications Review, Vol. 8, No. 4, pp. 653-662, September 1998.

Abstract- Three new ring access protocols, including a novel preemption scheme based on priority scheduling which we call ''soft preemption'', are presented for slotted-ring networks where stations generate multiple-priority messages. The first of the two nonpreemptive protocols always empties the high-priority queue before releasing low-priority packets into the ring, whereas the second one assumes a desirable, but not strict, delat deadline on the low-priority waiting times. The preemptive ring access protocol follows preemption rules based on delay deadline imposed on the waiting times of both priority classes. We investigate the expected delays of all the protocols via simulations and present a graphical comparison, highlighting improvements in the waiting times of high- and low-priority packets.

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