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Space-Time Frequency Shift-Keying

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G. Leus, W. Zhao, G. B. Giannakis and H. DeliƧ, IEEE Transactions on Communications, Vol. 52, No. 3, pp. 346-349, March 2004.

Abstract- Frequency shift-keying (FSK) is a popular modulation scheme in power-limited communication links. This paper introduces space-time FSK (ST-FSK), which does not require any channel state information (CSI) at the transmitter and the receiver, as in conventional FSK. ST-FSK can be viewed as a special unitary ST modulation design. However, ST-FSK has a number of advantages over existing unitary ST modulation designs. ST-FSK is easier to design, and enjoys lower decoding complexity. Furthermore, ST-FSK guarantees full diversity. Finally, ST-FSK can be adopted in the digital as well as in the analog domain, and merges very naturally with frequency-hopping multiple-access (FHMA). As expected, all these advantages come at the cost of a decrease in spectral efficiency.

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